Brightkite Status
An Explanation of Our Recent Service Interruptions

Regarding Stability: Over the past few days, we have provided an experience to the community that is below our goals for site uptime, speed and stability. We’ve focused our efforts both on improving this experience and on monitoring everyone’s feedback and taking healthy criticisms very seriously.

In the past 30 days, we’ve seen significant growth in new users and activity on and via our API. We’ve matched this growth with planned maintenance, hardware upgrades, software changes to make Brightkite easier to use and a stable experience for everyone.

Regarding known bugs and issues: Each week we implement new bug fixes, improvements, features and changes to Brightkite that will make the service more useful and fun for everyone. Every comment shared with us by the community is filed and we work through every idea and bug mentioned to us. Not every new feature suggestion is implemented but someone at Brightkite knows about it and we work hard to listen and react accordingly to everyone’s suggestions.

Regarding iPhone, Android and other mobile Brightkite Apps: Our app development continues to move forward at a quick pace. Currently, there are two iPhone apps awaiting approval in the app store that fix a few known issues that we uncovered last week and boost compatibility with Apple’s iOS 4.0. Our Android App will see an update very soon. We’ve just launched a new Nokia app and work closely with 3rd party developers to keep them in the loop of new features and changes so applications like myKite 2.0 for Blackberry can stay up to date with our service.

In Closing: We’re listening. We hope this offers insight into what we’re doing behind the scenes and hope you’ll continue giving us feedback and ideas every day so we can continue to innovate. Expect some big and welcome changes very soon. 

Posted 6-24-10 at 11:50AM PDT