Brightkite Status
8/19 - Issues Sharing Posts to 3rd Party Sites

11:45AM PDT: We are seeing issues sharing your posts and check-ins to Facebook and Flickr. We’re aware of the situation and working on a fix. Thank you for your patience as we resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Happy kiting!

Update: We’ve resolved issues posting to 3rd party sites. For those of you still having issues with Twitter, we’ve determined for users that signed up for Brighktite and added Twitter connect over 12 months ago were signed up using basic Twitter authentication (username+password). We’ve switched to Twitter Oauth which is much more secure. We did this a while ago even though Twitter still allowed basic authentication but the simple username+password combination was cut off today so anyone that added Twitter to Brightkite over 12 months ago will have a failure when pushing updates out.

To fix this, simply visit your account settings in Brightkite and remove then re-connect Twitter via the new Oauth method. That will resolve the issue. 

8/17 - Intermittent Site Issues

11:52AM PDT - We’re experiencing issues with our data center ISP so you may have some intermittent connectivity issues reaching from web or on our mobile apps. We’re looking to have this fixed shortly but our ISP is on the case working on a resolution.

Thanks for your patience!

Update: The issue has been isolated and the service is being restored (12:50PM PDT)

7/21 2:40PM PDT - Site Issues

We’re currently experiencing minor issues on for stream settings and minor latency. The issue is being resolved now and we’re working on pushing a fix very soon.

No other details are available but we’ll return to normal operations soon and will update this post once the issue has been resolved. 

Update: The issues are resolved and is functioning as normal. Thanks for your patience.

7/16 10.00 pst. Ongoing funk

We are still experiencing slowness and general funk. We are re-indexing databases and implementing some optimizations - once these processes are complete we should see improvements. We hope to back with good news before the end of the day. Apologies. 

2.13 pm UPDATE:

We’ve implemented a bunch of changes that have speeded things up across the board. We will do some more maintenance on sunday evening that may produce some sluggishness or require a short outage. More info then. 

7/15. 12:40 pst. We’re going to be slow for a while.

We are currently doing a configuration change that should allow us to make speed improvements to a number of the problem areas that we have been experiencing over the last few days (see yesterday’s post). The current ETA for finishing this process is about an hour, we will update if it seems to be running any longer then expected

7/14 Spam update

Brightkite has been growing significantly, which is great for everyone. The flip side of this coin is that we have been attracting an increasing number of spammers. In the last week we’ve seen spammers posting (and attempting to post) into Brightkite hundreds of times a second, 24/7. This has caused two issues:

  1. The service has become increasingly slow which has caused a series of secondary issues (inability to pull friends streams, app crashes, freezes, etc)
  2. Some of this spam is showing up in streams

Without going into too many details, we are focusing on the first issue for now, to make sure that spammers can’t degrade the service for the rest of us. Once that’s done we’ll increase efforts to prevent spam entering the streams.

We are really sorry that many of you are seeing the effects of the problem, and promise that we are working hard to fix things.

An Explanation of Our Recent Service Interruptions

Regarding Stability: Over the past few days, we have provided an experience to the community that is below our goals for site uptime, speed and stability. We’ve focused our efforts both on improving this experience and on monitoring everyone’s feedback and taking healthy criticisms very seriously.

In the past 30 days, we’ve seen significant growth in new users and activity on and via our API. We’ve matched this growth with planned maintenance, hardware upgrades, software changes to make Brightkite easier to use and a stable experience for everyone.

Regarding known bugs and issues: Each week we implement new bug fixes, improvements, features and changes to Brightkite that will make the service more useful and fun for everyone. Every comment shared with us by the community is filed and we work through every idea and bug mentioned to us. Not every new feature suggestion is implemented but someone at Brightkite knows about it and we work hard to listen and react accordingly to everyone’s suggestions.

Regarding iPhone, Android and other mobile Brightkite Apps: Our app development continues to move forward at a quick pace. Currently, there are two iPhone apps awaiting approval in the app store that fix a few known issues that we uncovered last week and boost compatibility with Apple’s iOS 4.0. Our Android App will see an update very soon. We’ve just launched a new Nokia app and work closely with 3rd party developers to keep them in the loop of new features and changes so applications like myKite 2.0 for Blackberry can stay up to date with our service.

In Closing: We’re listening. We hope this offers insight into what we’re doing behind the scenes and hope you’ll continue giving us feedback and ideas every day so we can continue to innovate. Expect some big and welcome changes very soon. 

Posted 6-24-10 at 11:50AM PDT

Temporary Filtering Issues on Brightkite

A temporary issue is occurring where, when switching from friends to everybody view may display the incorrect data such as showing only one post instead of the normal amount of posts. The current workaround is to refresh the page. There is also some minor slowness on right now that you may notice.

We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix. Happy Kiting!

Temporary Brightkite Site Slowness (maintenance)

4:03PM PDT: There is a very temporary maintenance procedure we’re conducting right now that will only last for an hour or so that will cause to appear slower than normal. We’re aware of the performance hit and things will be back to normal very shortly. 

Thanks and happy kiting!

Redirect Issues on (w/ Fix)

On June 10th at 3:30PDT, we patched an issue to make Brightkite more secure for our community but any users that had web site cookies from Brightkite within the past week, this cookie has been marked as expired.

The result is that you’ll be redirected and receive a 301 timeout page. 

Resolution: Clear your browser cookies and restart the browser. This resolves the issue. At the time, this is only affecting Google Chrome users.